When women support each other,

incredible things happen.



I hope you find some inspiration...

Hi, I’m Veronika. Welcome to my site and thank you for taking the time to visit! I hope you enjoy getting to know me, of course. But ultimately, everything here is about inspiring you to succeed as well. My biggest passion in life is to empower and support others on their way to success, freedom and abundant life. I hope you will be the next one! 

If I were to describe myself in one sentence, I would say, “I am an overcomer and a woman who found her voice.”

Today I’m a diamond director in Jeunesse Global, a passionate network marketing leader, speaker, mentor, philanthropist, world traveler and proud resident of Dubai. I am also a believer and wife of my amazing husband, Fabian. 

Together we are top earners in Jeunesse and being a power couple with complementary leadership styles. We help people develop their business mindset so they can set and pursue their own definition of financial freedom in cooperation with Jeunesse, and support them to overcome all the limited beliefs that are holding them back from becoming the best version of themselves. Our business partners are ordinary people just like you who have made just one radical commitment: a commitment to themselves and their potential.


The team we help lead, Unity Global, is the fastest growing in Europe and the Middle East. It is also unique for providing an unparalleled support system and individual strategies for our team partners.

I wake up every day thankful to be living this life of purpose, confidence total financial freedom. But would you believe, for over 20 years I struggled with social phobia? And that just four years ago we were living in my husband’s grandmother’s attic, after losing our businesses and all our money to a deceptive buyer?

I’m excited to share my story so that you can get inspired to discovery your potential and overcome all the limiting beliefs which may beholding you back from experiencing true flow and abundance. 

Today we love to support other people who, like us, are now striving for freedom—to accompany them on their journey and show them the way. 

Perhaps you’ll be the next one.

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Network marketing is much more than just a business opportunity that offers ordinary people the opportunity to build a part-time income, which can later become a full-time career, or residual or passive income.


This profession is all about developing ourselves and others. It is build on friendship, empathy, achievement, support, added value and giving back to society. It truly is a “people business” based on great values. 


You can be proud to become network marketing professional.


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It’s simple: Because you deserve to live the life you have always desired, so you will never regret the things you didn’t try once you look back.

What if you had the opportunity to redefine yourself new and redesign your life? 


What would your day look like?

How much money do you need to earn to live the life you desire?

Who would you like to spend time with?

Which places would you like to travel?


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Once you understand what Network Marketing can do for you, it’s important to choose a strong partner company you will be representing. 


Jeunesse Global is the fastest growing company and is also the first company in the history of Network Marketing reaching a bill dollars a year in sales revenue—and that after only 6 years. Using a products with a cutting-edge technologies, Jeunesse creates amazing results  all over the world, and is trustworthy partner for you to create your own financial freedom.




Let´s  build your Legacy together...

I hope you will find valuable inspiration by reading my whole story and searching through my website.  I hope also that you get inspired to have a closer look at this business opportunity. It could be the one that changes your life—and maybe also your whole family’s future, as it has for me. What you can achieve in Network Marketing is so much more than just financial freedom!

So, let me tell you why I am so excited about this opportunity with Jeunesse. 

In order to succeed in this business you will have to develop skills which will be useful in every area of your life, including your primary occupation, communication, relationships, parenting style and many more.  This is one great value of Network Marketing. 

But the greatest thing for me about this profession is the ability to build an empire together with a group of other beautiful and powerful ladies, who are willing to stretch beyond their comfort-zone, just like you, and become a better version of themselves so they can step into success and live the life they truly desire. 

It doesn’t matter how small or big your dreams are, there is always a way, and I can show you how to get there. If this resonates with you, please contact me. 

Let’s figure how we can work together.