one heart.

one hope.

one mission.


Together we can change the world.

When I met Randy and Wendy for the very first time I noticed immediately that they are different and that the number one motivation for them is to have a  positive impact on the world by motivating Jeunesse partners to lead their teams with heart and to support those financially who need it the most. 


I´m so thankful to have this opportunity to support the Jeunesse charity program called Jeunesse Kids, which is empowering communities all around the world to give children a brighter future.


I´m proud to announce that just in 2018 we were able to raise over 3 millions of dollars. 


When you support Jeunesse Kids, you team up with a vast community of Distributors and philanthropists who are finding little ways to give back. Together, our small contributions add up and make a world of difference in the lives of children.

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I know how it feels to experience a lack of money and maybe that´s why giving back is so important to me. We are proud of using our influence to create a culture of people who truly care about those, who were born less privileged. 


I realize that many of our partners have the same desire and this was a reason why I founded our own organization called Unity Global charity in 2017. 

In the first year, we started with our team in Germany and we successfully completed  5 Projects.

We supported the construction of a children hospice in Stuttgart/ Germany with over 10 000€.


We collected over 3500€ to support a refugee camp in Syria with 500 solar lights.


With our Christmas Project, we fulfilled the personal wishes of 120 Children from a children´s home in Cologne.  


We supported children in the Village of Joy in South Africa with 7000€ for education. 


And last but not least collected enough money to sponsor 6 Children in Uganda, so they can stay a whole year in a private school. Including a place to live and enough food to stay healthy.

our vision

What ´s next...

In context with our move to Dubai and necessary bureaucratic restructuring we also decided to bring our Charity organization to the next level so every single partner all around the world can be a part of this movement. 


We decided it´s time for the next step and we actively support Projects of our good friend Daniel Sanchez Gonzalez and lock arms to build a school and an orphanage in Uganda. 

So the children can stay in their familiar environment but have a place to sleep, regular food and access to education.  We are in direct contact with Richard, who right now take care approximately about 50 children who need urgently support. 


Our vision is to not only build a school and an orphanage to take care of these children, but also connect several philanthropists and experts in the area of Permaculture to make this community self-sufficient and independent. And to repeat this process all over the country and later on all over the world.   

Meet Richard from Uganda and follow his journey on Instagram.             righttoschool.uganda

thank you

For your support...
"Giving is not just about making donation. It is about making a difference."

Thank you for supporting us in making a difference in the lives of these children.

You also have the opportunity to support a child and be in contact with this child and also regularly receive information about his life.


For more information don´t hesitate to contact me.  

children supported by unity global charity
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Allan become an orphan when his last parent died while giving birth to his little sister!! 2years back, he dropped out of School at Form2 (Senior two) he has since hustled to take himself back to school but in vain! Allan still admired to go back to school and complete his studies. But life is not easy for him at the moment.

Allan Nyakahuma

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Muhimbo wishes to become an engineer for Aeroplanes!!!  He is 12years old. This young boy has hustled from the age of 8 when he has left an orphan until now! At his younger age he has sold chapatti and boiled eggs on streets, fetching water for people and now he makes bricks just to earn a living and be able to support himself at school! 

Muhimbo Nicolas

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A 14year old Sarah is a total orphan. No father, no mother, no relatives! She was raised up by a well-wisher who picked her up when she was a little girl. She never saw any of her parents. They died from HIV/AIDS when she was a baby! Sarah wishes to become a head Teacher so that she could help other children to have a better education.  

Sarah Birungi

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Ryan is 7 years old and he's in Primary two!  He likes singing so much and admires to become an international Artist!! He can also mime songs! It is believed that Ryan's father died of HIV/AIDS because he has never been seen or heard of, since the birth of Ryan. He currently stays with his Mum who takes care of 4 more children and none of the 4 other siblings is in School! Ryan loves education but he seem not have a future with his only mum.

Ryan Akandwanaho

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Rodah is 12years old and has been promoted to primary seven. She wants to be a Lawyer! However, she's not sure if her dream will ever come true as her family can not manage to push her into Secondary Level. They're too poor to afford it as the rest of Rodah's siblings did not go beyond primary seven, where she has reached!! She loves education so much and she hopes to come out with the best Grade! She needs help to let her dream carrier come true.

 Rodah Kebirungi

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Mercy is 7years old and she is in Primary three, she loves education so much and wishes to become a Teacher. But her father can hardly afford to support her education for her dream to come true.

Mercy Angelite