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When we find an incredibly effective product and a brand we love, we talk about it. What if you could earn commission on each sale you influence? What if you could set your own schedule and work on your time, setting your own goals, from anywhere in the world, and reap tangible financial rewards? That’s the premise behind direct selling.



Jeunesse is not just the company my husband and I partner with. It is a lifestyle, and it has become an inseparable part of our life. We live Jeunesse every single day, and we love to share this opportunity with others. 

We bring people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and discover financial freedom.
The story behind jeunesse
financial rewards plan

Though in recent years, Jeunesse Global has become a multi billion-dollar brand, it is still a family business with no investors involved. So is my husband’s and my individual business within Jeunesse. This is important to me, because I recognize that what we are building now will be a legacy for our future children and grandchildren that completely changes our family history.


The financial rewards plan for all Jeunesse business partners was personally designed by our founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who were involved for decades previously in programming and processes for the direct sales industry. And that's why they are also aware of all the weak points of others compensations plans. 

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis created this plan, which has already won several awards for being the most competitive, lucrative and balanced plan in the industry of Network Marketing. 


After they retired, they coincidentally found an amazing product they felt it will be worthy of their experiences and skills, so they decided one more time to do their best. They not only started a new company but have built a legacy that expresses their philanthropist hearts. 


Our Jeunesse founders have a big vision, which drive them every day to create an impact, not only by having the chance to give back, but also by creating a worldwide support platform and fair business opportunity for ordinary women and men that changes their lives. You too can earn part-time or even full-time income by sharing amazing products that make people look and feel younger. In doing so, you help create a global movement that empowers others to reach their full potential, no matter what their age or background


This is why Jeunesse has become fastest-growing company in the history of direct sales. 




Jeunesse works with a binary system, which has a targeted focus of teamwork, community support and collaboration among leaders on local and International markets. In contrast to many others direct sales marketing plans, binary systems offer many advantages which are crucial for the dynamic growth of your team. 


In binary systems, you are only building two legs (teams), and you will participate on every single sale created by your team with a little percentage. 


Jeunesse Global pays out 60% of its total sales volume. That’s more than others companies do. You can use 6 different ways to earn your commissions and to build your passive income, but everything is dependent on the effort you put in to your business.




1) Earn your retail bonus by creating customers. 

If you only want to earn couple of hundreds extra, this is the easiest way to do so. We have amazing products which have placed high in fast-growing markets like makeup, cosmetics, wellness, health and weight management. 


For sure, you know already someone who is using similar products. Now you can introduce them to something which delivers real results by sharing your testimonial or the story of one of our partners. You can build customers in 165 countries, as well, and whenever someone buys products over your website or from you personally, you will earn mark-up between 25%-42% depending on the product they purchase. 


2) Earn your sign-up bonus.

You know probably some people who have a great business mindset, or those who are eager to  talk to you about the products. You may notice that they have an open mindset and are interested to hear about the opportunity of building their own business as well. In that case, you can explain them what the business opportunity is all about. 


Whether you use tools—such marketing videos, full-business presentations, three-way calls or  local events—or you sit with your prospect 1-to-1 to explain everything, this person is now your prospect. If this person makes a decision to start a business as well, you have just won a new business partner. The company will reward you for your effort with a sign-up bonus between $25 and $300 depending on the package your new partner starts with. 


As I often say, Network Marketing is all about duplication. The chance that your new partner starts the same way like you did is high. You may inspire as many people as you like with our business concept. 


And by the way …. Jeunesse pays all commissions weekly.

These two ways of earning money are active. Repeating them constantly and teaching them to your business partners will bring you passive income, and with this, also your desired financial freedom within 2-5 years.




3) Earn your team bonus.

The team bonus is the first of four passive income types. Our compensation plan is focus on teamwork and designed to empower collective effort. 


As I already mentioned, this is a plan built on a binary system. That means you have 2 legs, left and right. When you start to build two teams,  you can decide whether your new partner will be registered LEFT or RIGHT. 


You, as well as your partners, may register as many people as you like. And every week, the company adds the sales volume of every single product, which is delivered to the partners or customers attached to your network. And as soon as 600 sales points (so-called CV), accumulate on one leg, and 300 on the other, Jeunesse pays you $35 for passive participation in those sales.


This $35 payout is called a cycle. For those who think big, Jeunesse pays you up to 750 cycles per week. 


That's up to $26,250 weekly possible commission based on this bonus.

4) Earn your matching bonus.

The matching bonus is one of my favorite bonuses of the whole plan. Basically, if you help enough people earn their team bonus, you will earn additional money beyond your team bonus also gain a matching bonus, because the company appreciates the time you spend supporting and training your team.


Depending on your career level, you will receive 20% on each cycle earned by any  partner you personally register. That means if he or she earns $35, YOU get $7 from the company, or 20%, because you've helped your partner succeed. If your direct partner now registers another person, this is a second line of income from your point of view. On these you get 15% participation and on all third lines 10%. 


When you step up in the career ladder, the matching bonus is counted down to seven levels deep and still earns you another 5% on the 4th to 7th level.

 5) Earn your customer acquisition bonus.

If you have already personally registered at least 5 people and these people are active (which means they have signed up for our smart delivery program), you will not receive 20% anymore, but 25%. If you have more than 10 personal partners, Jeunesse pays you up to 30% on all of those first lines.

6)  The Diamond Pool is for everyone who wants to achieve real financial freedom.

If you reach the career level of the Diamond Director, you will be involved in a bonus pot. From all our global sales, 3% of CVs  (comisionable volume) are deposited in this pot quarterly and are then split between all Diamond Directors and higher ranks. 


Depending on your performance, you will then receive up to several shares.



If you like to travel, I have good news for you. 


One of the best rewards in our business are incentive trips. Jeunesse invites you up to several times a year on extraordinary luxury trips to the most beautiful places in the world. No matter if you are new or already an old hand, everyone can qualify for these trips.


Just in last four years we had the opportunity to travel to the places, which we had for many years had on our bucket list: places like Maui, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cancun, Dubrovnik, Dominican Republic, Capri, Singapore, Spain, Italy and France and many, many more. 

Each year, Jeunesse organizes different incentive trips that are not dependent on a career level and anyone can qualify.


In June 2019 we are going to Bali—and the best thing about this trip is that we will bring as many partners as possible with us.   

Jeunesse lifestyle incentives - recap 2016

Network marketing is a profession that anyone can learn. 


To start building a part-time business with Jeunesse, you don’t need any kind of experiences. We will provide everything you need to learn through our unique training platform and private coaching. This is enhanced by our training events, which take place several times a year at regular intervals in different countries.


Finally, I want to show you the “secret sauce” to start as effectively as possible.


To keep it simple and duplicatable we are using simple 6 STEPS MODEL:



Register yourself.
It this moment, you will get your personal website with your own online shop, plus access to your back office and all the marketing materials you need to start your business. 



Choose a product package which suits your budget.  

The company has created a different kind of starter packages which have an additional discount to make your start easier. Please note, you can purchase this package only one time during your registration.

You can start your business with Jeunesse with 250 Euro up to a maximum of 3000 Euro as an  investment into your first products, so you can try them on your own and you can share them with 

your friends and family. You can get a testimonials from people whom you trust and also you can sell the products and create your first customers.  


Just keep in mind that Network Marketing is all about duplication. The more products are in circulation within your team, the more customer are created and the more commissions  are earned by you and your partners. 


Choose your start wisely. It will be crucial for the growth of your business. But don’t worry about that now, we can talk later on and find together the best way for you to start.



Activate your position by setting your smart delivery. 

Choose your favorite product and get it delivered automatically. Jeunesse will pays four time a months in infinity depth, but to recognize if someone is active, the system required one order of minimum one product in value of 60CV per month. 


Your complete business start take less then 15 minutes, and you can immediately start earning through your website.



Next Event
Once registered, get your ticket for the next training event to learn everything you need to know for your career. After many years of experiences, we can say that there are no partners on our team who became successful without regular attending of the trainings Events.  


As it is said: “Leaders are born from events.“ When you attend live events, you don’t only learn new skills, you also get inspired, encouraged, refreshed and your mindset get stretched. Of course, this depends on your personal goals.



Become an executive. 

Concentrate on making the first rank and find two partners who want to get started with you.


Reach the rank of Rising Star

As last step, help your two new members to find two partners and some clients as well, and you will reach the career rank of a Rising Star.


Once you have finished your six steps you have claimed already two career levels. By constantly  repeating steps 5 and 6, you will achieve next ranks as well.


Make sure that you register by, this will give you access to our trainings platform where you can find not only detailed trainings, but also professionelle lead pages and all important informations about how to find your first customers and build a stabile business.


Tell me how far you want to go, and we will tell you how to get there.