Jeunesse is not just the company my husband and I partner with. It is a lifestyle, and it has become an inseparable part of our life. We live Jeunesse every single day, and we love to share this opportunity with others. 

We bring people together under the simple idea that everyone deserves a chance to live a youthful, healthy life and discover financial freedom.
jeunesse STORY
Meet our founders...
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The story of Jeunesse began in the hearts and minds of visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. 


Randy Ray come originally from very poor background, and that’s why he is, despite his age, so driven to change the world by providing the best possible system to Jeunesse distributors. At the age of 30 he became extremely wealthy after developing a software program for NASA. 


Wendy Lewis was voted twice as the most influential women in the direct-selling industry for her contributions in the past. 


Both of them have more then 40 years of business experience and are recognized with many awards for their tremendous success in other enterprises.

After finding outstanding products which deserved to be spread all around the world, Randy and Wendy emerged from retirement to launch a new company called Jeunesse. They partnered with Wendy’s son Scott Lewis, who was exposed to Network Marketing since the age of ten and has an extraordinary ability to recognize existing and emerging market trends. Scott is leading Jeneusse’s strategic vision of becoming the #1 company in this industry globally.


Jeunesse was launched on September 09, 2009, at 9:00 p.m. 


Why all the nines? Because the number 9, represents longevity and reflected the founders’ desire to not only survive, but thrive and create a company with a lasting legacy in the direct-selling industry.


Jeunesse is the fastest growing company in the history of Network Marketing and after only six years reached over a billion dollars a year in sales revenue —this is the same amount of time it took Google, Facebook, Apple, amazon or ebay to reach similar revenues, and the revenue has constantly grown from year to year.


Armed with exclusive products based on a cutting-edge technologies in the area of stem-cell research and epigenetic, Jeunesse offers one of the most rewarding compensation plans in the industry and the technical know-how to create a cutting-edge global platform. With all the right products, training and support, Jeunesse was destined for success. 


In only nine years Jeunesse broke many records and received over 400 awards which stand also for the quality and uniqueness of our products.  

The secret of the success is our unique Y.E.S.—Youth Enhancement System, which was developed by the best doctors and scientists in the area of anti-aging and is exclusive to Jeunesse.

This powerful system of skincare based on stem-cell technology and supplements working synergistically on a cellular level and is capable of decreasing your biological age. 


To partner with Jeunesse is a solid foundation for your success.


In the moment you become a partner, Jeunesse provide you with your own website, back-office, access to marketing materials and with your own online-shop and you can immediately operate in more then 150 countries. On top of it, you will also receive access to our team training platform where you can learn everything you need to know to start your new business properly.


Today, already hundreds of thousands of people around the world are part of Jeunesse family. Together we are creating a global movement that empowers people to reach their full potential—no matter their age, race, rank or income.


 Our story is just beginning. Now, it’s time for you to begin yours.

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