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"Luminesce is my absolute favorite product and I never want to miss it again. This amazing line based on stem-cell technology competaly changed the appearance of my skin. I could see dramatic differences after only 25 days. My skin got back a natural glow, my fine lines disappeared and  it helped me to get rid of my pigment stains." 

we are redefining youth using first Human stem-cell technology.

The Luminesce® anti-aging skin care line restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveals your unique glow.


It is an absolut unique product line based on cutting-edge stem-cell technology and suitable to every skin type, every age, every skin color and for women and men as well.


The uniqueness lies in treating the root causes of skin aging instead of treating the symptoms. That´s why hundreds of thousands of people all around the world created amazing results and experience how does it feel to have a beautiful younger looking skin.  

This skin care line was developed by Dr. Nathan Newman, dermatologist and plastic surgeon with a clinic in Beverly Hills, who is a leading specialist in the area of stem-cell technology.


This line is using the latest state of science in area of stem-cell technology and has absolut unique selling point on the market.


This line consists of 8 Products, which work synergistically to deliver the best possible results to our customers. 


All products with the exception of the cleanser include a patented complex called APT200. It is a complex of 248 different polypeptides called growth factors. This makes the skin care line absolut unique in thje whole cosmetic market.

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How do we delay the appearing of the aging process?

We believe that complex problems require revolutionary solutions.


Dr. Nathan Newman, a world leading expert in stem cell research, began looking for treatments several years ago to help patients recover from burns and minor injuries. Both the skin damaged during the regeneration period and the signs of aging of our skin showed the same causes. Decisive for these changes is the decreasing number of endogenous stem cells as they age.

So how can we counteract the onset of the external aging process with the help of these findings?


The answer lies in the way how cells communicate.

Healthy stem cells communicate with each other and cells adjust to them using growth factors. These are messengers that have a crucial function in telling our cells to regenerate and repair themselves. Newly formed cells lead to a firmer Complexion, as well as healthy, vibrant shine.

Luminesce® skincare products are designed to work synergistically.

To benefit from this really effective rejuvenating skincare program we recommend to use the entire series of Luminesce


"It´s very easy to follow this recommended daily 3 steps routine and

it doesn´t take you more then 2 minutes."

STEP 1: 

Wash your face with Luminesce® Youth Restoring Cleanser (the intracellular

Cleansing Gel) to gently detoxify your skin cells and to prepare for the absorption of our rejuvenating serum.


STEP 2: 

Apply the Luminesce® Cellular Rejuvenation Serum to help your skin to promote your body's own renewal processes. When you apply this serum on your skin, the messengers contained in the serum will talk to your skin cells to regenerate 

STEP 3: 

Apply the Luminesce® Daily Moisturizing Complex (Day Cream) with SPF 30

on. This cream protects your DNA from daily attacks and provides valuable nutrients during the day. 

Or apply Luminesce® Advanced Night Repair in the evening. This cream is a real anti-aging booster. It retains moisture, renews and invigorates your skin while you sleep. 

It contains 4 complexes of nutrients which are focused on the four main reasons of skin aging. These are a DNA repair complex, a stem-cell protection complex, a telomere renewal complex and an anti-glycation complex protecting our cells from damage which is cause of overconsumption of sugar.



Luminesce® Essential Body Renewal

To rejuvenate your skin all over your body you can apply small amounts of Luminesce® Essential Body Renewal after each shower. It provides ultimate hydration and cellular optimization for all your skin. Did you know that our skin is the biggest organ we have and it is responsible for many crucial functions in our body?

This light and fresh formula works also antiseptic and relieves itching, tightens the skin, it  reduces cellulite, stretch marks and

Spider veins and help to keep your skin taut and healthy.

Luminesce® flawless skin brightener

Get a flawless skin with this unique Brightening Gel. This moisturizing formula contains ingredients that enhance hyper-pigmentation, reduce and refine the pores so that your skin looks healthy and radiant. This highly effective gel with a special mushroom extract of Tremellas Fuciformis (silver ear)  and of course also our APT-200 complex lead to clearly visible results.

Luminesce® Flawless Skin Brightener is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. It is a gentle and safe formula and does NOT contain any chemical ingredients which make skin brighter and therefore more sensitive to sunlight.

jeunesse welness ROUTINE

The Luminesce® hydrashield mask

This mask helps to reduce the impact of the environmental minimizing aggressors with four powerful elements: pollution control, detoxification, hydrogenation and APT-200 ™. This mask of coconut-biocellulose is soaked with shea butter and intensively hydrating asian grass root extract. Mat, Tired skin is immediately soothed and moisturized. This 4-in-1 shield helps to strengthen the skin barrier and in this way a radiant and to bring out a more youthful complexion.

Size: 5 biocellulose masks | 5 x 0.8 oz / 25 g bag

Luminesce® ultimate lifting masque

This nourishing, firming mask makes you feel like you're in a beauty salon. With its unique formula this mask removes old dead skin cells and brings a smoother, firmer and youthful skin appearance. It leaves an invisible 3D matrix on the skin which provides your skin with moisture and supports a lifting effect of the masque.

Content: 118ml (sufficient for cca 18-22 applications)

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