Courage doesn´t mean you don´t get afraid.

Courage means you don´t let fear stop you.


Willing to change, I accepted the personal development aspect of Network Marketing as a challenge which I had to face in order to succeed. In the beginning I tried to do everything that experienced network marketers told me to: contacting people, talking to people, going to events. I got excited and motivated, and the events inspired me to do more. Yet I never experienced the breakthroughs I was seeking with my fear. I did learn to trust the process, and I know that each step was important to finally experience my own success. 


Step by step, over the course of three years in Network Marketing, Fabian and I reached one of the highest ranks in Jeneusse. But I still had not overcome my fear. 


When we moved to Dubai to begin expanding our team there, I felt it was the great opportunity to redefine me new and perfect timing and work deeply on myself. This time I was willing to do what ever it takes to discover the purpose of my life and my truth identity.


Around that time, I got a book as a gift from my pastor. It was The Purpose Driven Life, and it  changed me forever. The very first sentence in the book was, “It’s not about you.” This statement helped me understand that communication isn’t about me. It’s about the person I am speaking with. When I took the focus off myself, and put it on others, I began to feel a change. Because of that book, I took radical responsibility for my transformation. Step by step, I found the power to overcome my fear.


When I had more clarity about who I really am, I found the power to fight my inner battle and I could finally see the way out of my slavery. I also spent a lot of time with learning about fear and the subconscious mind, and also about the different types of personalities. This helped me understand my character, my strengths and my weaknesses, as well as how spiritual laws work in our lives and how the brain operates. 


Once I understood how the brain operates, I recognized that my fear was nothing more than a bodily reaction. Literally, it was just a chemical response in my brain. Put in those terms, fear no longer seemed so scary. I realized I didn’t have to let it hold me back, and I began to find victory.

It’s a one thing to understand fear, and another to overcome it. But the only way to overcome your fears is to go through them, and not just once. That’s why I came to my decision to take my fight public. Since then I have owned my right to speak and decided do whatever it takes to help as many people as possible to discover the magic which is waiting beyond their comfort-zone.



I´m Veronika, nice to meet you.

If I were to describe myself in one sentence, I would say, “I am an overcomer and a woman who found her voice.” 


I’m also a diamond director in Jeneusse Global, a passionate network marketing leader, a speaker, a mentor, a philanthropist, a world traveller and proud resident of Dubai. But primarily I am a believer and wife of my amazing husband, Fabian. Together we are a top earners in our company and enjoy being a power couple with complimentary leadership styles. The team we help lead, Unity Global, is the fastest growing in Europe and the Middle East within Jeneusse, and is also unique for providing an unparalleled support system and individual strategies for our team partners. 


I wake up every day thankful to be living a life of purpose, confidence and total financial freedom. But would you believe it if I told you that for over 20 years I struggled with social phobia? And that just four years ago, we were living in my husband’s grandmother’s attic, after losing all our businesses and our money to a deceptive buyer?


You are reading my story today because I’m excited to share it with others like you, so you can get inspired to discover your potential and overcome all the limiting beliefs which may be holding you back from experiencing true flow and abundance. 

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I know now that I was born an overcomer and a natural leader with a drive to succeed. But for many years, fear kept me trapped in lies about myself that limited my potential. I know what it feels like to have a deep hunger and desire to step up, yet find yourself fighting endless inner battles that constantly hold you back. Battles that no one else knows about. 


The reality is, personal and financial freedom are always a process. Wherever you’re at today, there’s always the next level you can achieve, and it’s only possible when you stretch yourself and grow into the best version of yourself.   


My story is all about stepping into success by finding the courage to fight for what I always desired and go to the next level by finding my true identity and overcoming my social phobia. Network marketing was my vehicle to freedom, because it challenged me to finally deal with my past and transform my relationship with fear, so I could create financial freedom. Does it sound like a miracle to you? To be honest, to me it does, but it was a long journey with lot of ups and downs. It was not easy but definitely worthwhile.   


Today, I truly believe network marketing is the best system for both women and men to overcome any limiting beliefs and claim freedom for themselves, their families and many others whose lives they will impact. In particular, I’m passionate about helping other women transform their lives through this unique business model. 


I hope my story inspires you to imagine what might be possible for you to achieve, as well, when you overcome what’s holding you back. Perhaps like me you are fighting against fear or other limiting beliefs. Or perhaps you have overcome your limiting beliefs to find some financial freedom, but you feel that you’ve hit a ceiling on your earnings and can’t seem to go to the next level of true abundance. 

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My story

Many people don’t know that I spent over two decades of my life fighting a social phobia. I knew deep inside that I was meant for more, but something always held me back. For 20 years, I was desperately searching for some way to understand and overcome my limiting beliefs. 


You might be wondering how someone who’s afraid to talk to people could have later become a successful network marketer and even enjoy being a speaker. But let me tell you, it is possible and I am proud to being living example that you can overcome anything if your desire is bigger than your fear. 

Just because the past didn´t turn out like you wanted it to,

doesn´t mean your future can´t be better than you ever imagined.

I come from a small town in Czech Republic. Home, for me, was an uncomfortable environment marked by a lack of basic things, alcoholism and divorce. I know my mother loved us and wanted the best for us, but she did not know how to create a different future than the one she had seen. I watched her struggle to make ends meet and give up her own dreams, ultimately turning to alcohol to deal with the stress. My father was also strict with us,and it was hard for me to deal with this, but now I realize he only wanted the best for us. 


Did you ever heart the quote, “You can only live your life forwards, but you will only understand it backwards?” Sometimes our past holds us back because we don’t understand why our parents accepted a certain kind of life. Once I understood that all my past experiences were my biggest motivation to succeed, I could see now that my mom did the best she could with what she knew.

Through my success in Network Marketing, I found peace with my upbringing and now bless my mum with financial support and spend a beautiful time together while taking her to the most amazing destinations.

My social phobia began when I was ten years old. 


I remember the day my nightmare started. I was sitting in school, in the fifth class. We were having a line-by-line reading exercise in the Czech language. When my turn came, I suddenly could not continue. It was as if my voice had disappeared. I started panicking and trying to figure out how I could hide this. So I told my friend Zora, who sat next to me, “Let’s make a game of it. When my turn comes, you read in my voice and see if the teacher notices.” She did—and the teacher did not notice.


I have no idea what triggered this experience, but from that day forward, any time I had to talk to someone or in-front of a group , I felt extreme anxiety, which left me overwhelmed and stressed.

As I grew older, the fear took completely over every area of my life I struggled even with simple tasks like driving a car or booking appointments over the phone. This fear of talking and being heard accompanied me every single day, from the age of ten, until recently. 


Despite everything I was experience, I've always thought  bigger than anyone else around me. Even as a little girl I had a great imagination, and I enjoyed daydreaming as my way out of a not-so-beautiful reality. I had a great desire not only to be successful but to change my family history. In particular, I wanted more than anything to break out of the cycle of poverty and despair I experienced in my home, and to create a safe home for my own future children. 


Even though I always felt like I was hitting a wall with fear, I never lost my hope that one day I will become the person I want to be. I visualized my dreams so strongly and believed in them so strongly that most of them have become reality.

But no matter what I did, I couldn’t change my life until finally, I gained clarity about who I am, and my desire to overcome my fear became bigger became the fear itself. 

Clarity doesn´t always mean you know exactly what you are doing,

it does mean you know exactly who you are being and why. 

Thirteen years ago, after I left my homeland. I met my amazing husband, and I felt immediately that we were destined to be together. We moved in together from the day we met and have been inseparable since! After only three months, we decided to follow our dreams. We moved to the Canary Island, a place where other people are spending their vacations, and we made it our goal together to create genuine financial freedom. 

I can resonate with anyone’s struggle to create financial freedom, because my husband and I explored all kinds of option to create wealth for ourselves: employment, self-employment and traditional business ownership in the fitness industry. When the financial crisis hit we found ourselves working 6 AM to 11 PM every day at two gyms we owned, seeing no way out of this endless cycle. I felt stuck once again, worried to be back in the cycle of poverty and silence. I came to the crushing realization that this was not the vehicle to reach our goals


Though I recognized we were moving in the wrong direction, I had no idea how to move in the right one. In this moment of desperation, I started to become interested in personal development and positive thinking. 


My transformation began right before my 30th birthday, when I start searching for change.


One day, came Fabian to me and said that he found a solution for our situation. He asked me to watch a webinar with him about Network Marketing. He knew already about Network Marketing from an early age, when he had earned a couple of hundreds dollars doing it during his studies. When he shared the webinar and opportunity, I recognized this was our path to success and my opportunity to stretch beyond my comfort zone. Despite my social phobia, I felt an immediate and unexplainable desire to be part of Network Marketing.

If someone offers you an Amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say Yes - then learn how to do it later.

But starting in Network Marketing also proved a challenge for us. Fabian and I had to leave the Canary Islands and move back to Germany to begin. This required us to sell our gyms and use the earnings as a nest egg for our new enterprise. But a dishonest business deal ultimately left us with nothing from the sale—and we wound up living in Fabian’s grandmother’s attic while we were starting our Network Marketing business. This was painful, but it gave us the push to succeed. 

You can be broke as long you are not broken.

At the end of 2018, I was standing on a stage at an international Jeneusse convention, delivering my first keynote address to eight thousand people about overcoming fear. Being on stage was my victory over my 20 years of silence. Since this day, public speaking has become part of my life. I believe it’s important to share my experiences with others. 


Public speaking is still big challenge for me, but finally I feel that fear is transforming into anticipation. And it’s only beginning of what is to come.


Today, I own my role as a diamond director in Jeneusse and stand firmly in my own voice. 


I realize that my experiences make my success possible, and that I am uniquely equipped to understand and help those who are challenged in the same way as I was. My story can bring others hope to continue in times of self-doubt. Because, let’s be honest, there are more people struggling with some kind of limiting beliefs then those who aren’t. 

Stage- expo 2018.jpg

Now, it is my privilege to help women who are just like I was: overcomers, who know they are held back by fear. Or women who are already successful, but are hitting a ceiling in their earnings in Network Marketing, and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach the next level.


I believe Network Marketing is a mirror. It will reveal all your inner struggles, so you can see them. But it also offers you the keys to gain your victory, just as it did for me.


Perhaps you’re new to Network Marketing and are seeking a vehicle to create financial freedom for yourself. Or perhaps you’ve achieved some success with Network Marketing—but you have never had the breakout success you really want, and don’t know how to reach that level. Or, you have ended up working behind the scenes as part of a couple with your husband, occupying a support role only because deep down, you’re afraid of standing up front. 


Bottom line: You’re a driven woman who’s meant to succeed, you’re just not sure how to get where you want to go next. That’s where I’m here to help. 


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about an amazing opportunity with Jeunesse.

I am excited about building a local team here in Dubai, expanding our amazing team in Germany and other European countries, and also supporting women around the world. I’m seeking women also who are hungry and ready to break out of life as they have known it. Women who want to sip Prosecco, nibble rose-flavored macarons and bounce babies in their laps while we build an empire together, on our terms. We are the women who will overcome all our fears, limitations and earning ceilings that keep us trapped in less than we are capable of. 


If you relate to what I’m saying and believe there is something more for yourself and your life, I would love to speak with you about opportunities with Jeneusse. 


Our team Unity Global is unique within Jeneusse for our radical focus on personal development and commitment to helping you get mileage out of this amazing system and really make it work for you. Fabian and I are a dynamic power couple who complement each other in our leadership. We represent the fastest growing team in Europe, with the strongest focus on developing YOU.


Recently, we also create a training platform for network marketers that is the most advanced in the industry, so by joining our team, you gain access to an unprecedented library of resources to develop yourself and your business. 


If I can break past the fears that held me back to come this far, I know that you can, too. And I’m here to help, backed by the power of Network Marketing and our unique system at Jeneusse. 


It’s OK to have fear, by the way, as long your fear doesn’t have you. Fear doesn’t mean that you should quit. As I discovered myself, fear is actually a sign that what you want truly matters. 

Whatever it is you want, I’d love to help you achieve it through the power of Network Marketing.