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"After many years of hair extension and hair dyeing my hairs were very damaged and I also lost a lot of hair. After i started to drink Naära  twice a day iIcould  quite fast see great results. After only 4 weeks I had my head full of 5cm new hair :-) You can see my pictures below" 
beauty starts from within
Skin care you can drink.

Naära is a breakthrough 'Inside-Out' approach to caring for your skin.

Naära™ Beauty drink is much more than a simple collagen drink. It is a food supplement that combines 11,000mg hydrolyzed collagen with beauty-promoting nutrients to help support youthful-looking hair, skin and nails.

Our body consists of large part of collagen. It pictures 30% of all proteins in our body and even 70% in our skin. It is extremely important to provide our bodies with extra collagen, because our collagen household sinks at 3% every year. It is quite common for actors and models supplement collagen since the early years to look young and fresh as long as possible.

So what makes hydrolyzed collagen so special?

A molecule of collagen consists of a thousand amino acids and therefore it can not be easily absorbed by our body. Our hydrolyzed collagen is a special form of collagen which is already broken down on individual amino acids. These are the building blocks which can be used by our body. 

Drinking hydrolyzed collagen has 2 advantages:

1)  There will be more collagen in the body immediately.

2)  If we have extra collagen in our bloodstream, it will stimulate our                           own collagen   production.

Naära’s beauty-promoting nutrients like vitamin C, biotin, niacin and zinc help to guard your youthful appearance.

ZINC contributes to the maintenance of normal nails.

VITAMIN C contributes to the normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin
BIOTIN, NIACIN, AND ZINC contribute to the maintenance of normal skin

BIOTIN AND ZINC contribute to the maintenance of normal hair 


  • 11,000mg hydrolyzed collagen

  • Visible results in a couple of weeks 

  • Promotes skin elasticity and firmness

  • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines

  • Minimizes the appearance of deep wrinkles

  • Increases skin hydration

  • Promotes normal collagen formation

  • Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal nails

  • Biotin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair

  • Biotin, niacin and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal skin

Each decade,
your skin
loses up
to 30%
of its
My own result after drinking
Naära twice a day for 4 weeks.


Açai Berry
Grape Seed



Biotin (vitamin B7)
Niacin (niacinamide)
Panthothenic acid
Vitamin B6 (pyroxine HCL)
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin)
Vitamin C

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