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"As a professional make-up artist and someone who has a twenty-year experience of using make-up I have to say that I've never tried a better product before. It's easy and fast to use and the great result lasts all day long. Also those ladies who have not used make-up so far say that they love it  because they don´t feel like having applied a make-up." 
Professional Airbrush Finish
...was never so easy.

NV is a revolutionary new airbrush foundation set . It is breaking cosmetic boundaries by giving women the freedom to have flawless looking skin, anytime and anywhere.

You can quickly and easily achieve an amazing HD airbrush look without using a professional device and your result will be longlasting, smudge-proof and also waterproof, so you can enjoy your day without being restricted in any kind of task.

Originally this airbrush make-up was developed  by celebrity makeup artist Yolanda Halston. Having worked with A-List celebrities including Gwen Stefani and Demi Moore, Yolanda knows what it takes to create long-lasting makeup, and has been widely recognised for her contribution to the beauty industry with her ‘aerobrush’ technology.

Yolanda says:

"NV is like no other mist foundation on the market. With a proprietary component in the bottle design, it improves the appearance of the skin to achieve that photo-ready look,”

“Our design ensures the ultra-light perfecting mist is easily applied in four simple steps: prepare, conceal, apply and blend, to achieve an enviable, professional airbrushed look.”


“NV airbrush foundation is available in nine tones and depending on preference, you have the option to choose from light to full-face coverage by layering 1, 2 or 3 layers of the foundation mist.”

”It´s easy to choose the right color by using the Easy Match system - the quick and easy way to find your best NV foundation shade based on the makeup you already wear. You can select the manufacturer, brand, and shade you would like to match directly in the Jeunesse shop.”


Once NV should be integrated  into the Jeunesse Y.E.S. system, Yolanda Halson worked together with Dr. Nathan Newman on a new formula, which combines the advantages of this amazing product with the advantages of our luminesce cosmetic line. With the APT-200 stem-cell technology komplex , NV airbrush make up is the first foundation which rejuvenates your skin while wearing it.


  • Phthalate, paraben, sulfate and talc free

  • proprietary APT-200

  • Fast & easy to use

  • For all skin types and tones

  • High-definition

  • Moisturizing & hydrating

  • Oil-free mist

  • Vegan friendly



PREPAR – Shake NV Primer for 5 seconds, then evenly mist onto face. Shake NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation for 5 seconds.


CONCEAL – Mist NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation into palm, then blend into skin with fingertips or NV Puff.


APPLY – Close eyes, hold NV BB Perfecting Mist Foundation bottle 8 inches from face and evenly mist center of face in a small zigzag motion. Wait 10 seconds before blending foundation with NV Puff.


BRONZE – Shake NV Bronzer for 5 seconds. Evenly mist NV Bronzer in a circular motion, working from outside of face inward, or lightly mist over your forehead, chin and nose to create a natural-looking warmth.

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