...about Network Marketing.

Many people see Network Marketing only for what it appears to be from the outside: a direct sales business. After I give you all the facts about this industry, I will share my personal insights on this beautiful profession, so you can make a more informed decision as to whether you will leverage this opportunity to achieve your personal goals. 


The most important think you should know about becoming financially free is that you have to find a business model which is using duplicatable system and leverage of multiplication. You could achieve this by buying any kind of franchise or making lucrative investments. The only problem is that you would need a lot of money to do so, and a lot of knowledge in order to make the most of those opportunities.  

I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.

In network marketing you are also investing, but instead of money, you have to invest your time and energy in order to achieve financial success or even financial freedom. It is your choice and your decision how much you really want your life to change, and how much effort you will put into your new business.




From a business perspective, Network Marketing one of the fastest-growing professions. And yes, it is a unique business opportunity in that it allows ordinary people to create part-time income, which can later become full-time carrier, residual or passive income. 


You can think of Network Marketing as product distribution using the power of recommendation. Because let’s be honest, with all the advertising around us, we still prefer recommendations from people we can trust. 

Have you ever recommended any restaurant or hairdresser because you liked their services? Now, how would you if feel if they were to give you a little share of the profit they generated because of your referral? This is exactly the way Network Marketing works


Network Marketing is based on a WIN-WIN-WIN situation which I will detail below. Once you understand the beauty behind this profession, you will probably wish to be involved. 


The first WIN goes to the Customer. He or she can get high-quality products for a very good price-to-performance ratio. Take for example our stem cell technology serum, Bevor, which became a flagship product for Jeunesse, You could buy it directly from Dr. Nathan Newman for five times more, and yes, it is worth the price. Or you can buy it from a Jeunesse partner at a tremendous discount.


The second WIN go to the person who recommends this product. An ordinary person like you or me can earn some extra money or even create a career with no limitation, all based on developing an entrepreneur mindset and learning skills. Yes, it is totally true that you can start without any experiences, but you have to be willing to develop yourself and learn new skills. Network Marketing is a people business, not a magic bean.

To me, it is the most fair system ever. Every one start with the same conditions, and it is only your decision how far you will go. There is no other business model where you can start your own career with almost no investment costs, without having any obligations such as up-front costs, legalization, research, fixed costs, logistic, employees, marketing costs and many more. Instead you become a brand ambassador for the company you choose are paid for recommending products to new customers and building teams of others ambassadors.  


The third WIN goes to Company, which get a higher profit and grows much quicker by paying ordinary people for opening their network instead of paying for advertising and selling to  wholesale customers. 


Already knowing all these facts is a great reason to get started, but there is much more you probably didn’t know, so keep reading. 




  • Network Marketing makes $190 Billion in yearly sales volume, and this is more than the music and film industries together? Isn’t it interesting?

  • Over 100 million people around the world involved, and it is growing everyday?

  • Thanks to technology, this profession has been booming in the last years, but it isn’t a new trend? The industry has a history dating back more than 100 years. 


  • Network Marketing was only industry which grew during financial crisis. It is changing lives all over the world.

  • Over 1,000 people in the profession earn multiple seven figures a year? This profession creates more millionaires than any other, regardless of level of education or background.

  • Over one million people earn six figures a year in this profession? And all of them started part-time by purchasing one package of products to try and share.

  • Hundreds of thousands earn a reasonable part-time income?

  • Even more are getting their products for free?

  • Network Marketing is a perfect opportunity for women to become independent and appreciated for who we really are? Isn’t it amazing that 70% of all Networkers are women?

  • Last but not least, at least 80% of all women in the USA earning six figures a year do it through Network Marketing?

     *All statistics can be found on the WFDSA website.

If you should still have some odds feelings, here are couple of well-known names from those who are proponents of this profession: Eric Worre, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Clinton,  Les Brown, Bill Gates John Maxwell and so many more.

Would these well-known people ever risk their credibility if they did not truly believe this opportunity could change the lives of so many?


What they say about  Network Marketing.

Robert Kiosaki

"Network Marketing gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth."


Richard Branson

"I´m a tremendous believer in Network Marketing and I´m a great believer in entrepreneurs."


Les Brown

"I go way back in multi level marketing I can tell you unequivocally that to dreamers there´s no business that

will contribute to your growth and development more than this industry."



Now when I gave you all the facts and numbers about Network Marketing, which can help you decide whether to use this profession as a vehicle to your goals and dreams, let me tell what it means to me and why I am so passionate about to share it with others. 


Network marketing literally turned my life upside down. There will never be day when I don’t thank God for what He is doing in our life through this opportunity. 


Who could ever imagine that a little girl who suffered over twenty years of social phobia could become one day extremely successful in network marketing and even enjoying public speaking? 

Back in the day, I couldn’t imagine it at all, but now I do.


I love to be a living proof that we can break through every single limiting believe that we have, or that someone else has cultivated in our heads, to achieve anything we ever dreamed of. 


The reality is, I had to experience a lack of everything as a child, because it taught me to look for solutions instead focusing on problems, and prove that every opportunity can be a ticket to your final destination. Don’t you think this could be a way for you, as well, to achieve your dreams and change your family history?


To me, my transformation is a miracle and the “release button” for all of it was a combination of my lifelong desires for financial freedom and creating a loving home, meeting my unexplainable attraction to network marketing as I discovered what makes this profession so special.


Many people have heard about Network Marketing and without any kind of personal research or correct understanding of the whole system. They have stuck it in a drawer labeled “odd.” Or they have reacted negatively to one or several unpleasant encounters with someone who didn’t work the profession properly in order to get results. In doing so, they completely miss the magic.


There are so many myths out there about this profession, which can be sometimes be a root cause for many limited beliefs holding you back from achieving what you are here for. So if you want to know more about this, you should check out articles on my blog.  


The best description I ever heard is:

“Network Marketing is personal development with products attached to it.”


In order to create your financial freedom, you have to earn money, so you have to be selling some products, services or added value to your clients in other ways. 


The only think you are paid for in Network Marketing is talking to people, recommending and explaining your products. All others duties like logistics, research, production, shipping, licensing and many more things are taken care of by the company for you. You will even get a personal website with your own online shop, and everything you will sell through this website will be paid to you on the weekly base. 


I love the fact that our marketing plan is designed to support teamwork and minimize competition. If you are tired of the elbow-mentality you will bloom in Network Marketing. It is also the only business model I know where your mentor tells you everything he or she  knows to help you achieve your personal goals.


But what I love about Network Marketing is the part you discover when you look deeper in to it. 


Network marketing is a “people business” based on great values like integrity, loyalty, helpfulness, and important human needs such as longing to belong and the desire to be accepted for who we are. To surround yourself with like-minded people going the same direction and working hard on themselves is a great foundation on which to build an empire. 

It doesn’t matter if you feel more introverted or extroverted, we all need to be surrounded by people who inspire us to grow and to be the best version of ourselves. And this is what you will find if you are involved in the right team and the right company in Network Marketing.  


One thing you should be aware is that you are the only variable in your business, and you can only succeed if you are authentic, ready to learn something new, hungry to achieve your goals, excited about your products, invested in the opportunity and willing to support others to achieve their goals as well. 


If you bring enough patience to the process, with there is no way that you won’t succeed. 


It doesn't matter how small or big are your goals, you can always find someone who is already as far along as you would like to be and who will share with you all the “secrets” you need know to achieve your goals.


One thing I can assure you, there will always be ups and downs, but finding a team of people who will have your back when you need it most is crucial. Even though many people start in Network Marketing because of the extra cash, they realize very soon that extra cash is not the reason why so many fall in love with this profession. 


Our trainings and events are focused on empowering our partners to become better versions of themselves. Because of this, people are not only able to build a part-time income but to become a better spouse, parent, friend, employee and boss. Once your heart understands how much more you can win, and that there is nothing you can lose, you will never be the same. You won’t let anyone else steal your dreams, ever again.


There are perhaps many ways to earn some extra money, but there are just a handful of ways to be absolutely free—which not only means being financial free, but living a life which you desire and being free in relation to your time and location.


I have always had big dreams, but I never found any opportunity with a capacity to fulfill them until I discovered Network Marketing. Can you imagine how it feels when you finally hold the answer to your dreams in your hands?


The day we made the decision take this opportunity seriously is the day which not only changed our whole family history but also triggered a massive movement which includes almost a million people around the world.


It is a beautiful profession full of miracle stories of those who kept going all the way to the top, by falling and rising up again. And you can create your own story as well. You could completely change your family history and also bless so many others.


This profession is all about developing ourselves and others: connecting, supporting, adding value and also giving back to society. It’s a perfect platform to not only shape our character, to learn new skills and develop entrepreneur mindset, but also practice your “people skills” by helping others. And if you do it well, you will be rewarded with financial freedom.



Network marketing is like a mirror to deeply inside of you. It will reveal all your limiting beliefs, fears and weaknesses. But only when you are aware of those, can you overcome them. 


The problem is that most of the people quit, because they can’t handle what they see, instead of celebrating that they have finally discovered what is holding them back and are getting to work on it. Unfortunately, so many get stuck handling their lives, continuing unhappily in nine-to-five jobs and booking vacations that are dependent on the offer and not on the destination they would love to see. They accept a life beneath their expectations rather than face the truth for little while and fight their battle.

Don’t let any limited beliefs to slave you. Find a warrior within yourself. There is so much waiting for you on the other side of the battle.


The reality is:

"You can only feel like a warrior if you have battle to fight. You can only be an overcomer if you have something to overcome. And you can only find your voice if you have lost it once."  

What Network Marketing is NOT.


The truth is Network Marketing is not perfect, but it is better then any other profession I have ever encountered.


But let me tell you shortly straight what it is NOT, so you can start the right way with the right expectations.


It is not a get-rich-quick business, and it is not a magic bean. Without doing anything, you will go nowhere. Sounds fair to me! It is called NetWORK marketing and not NetFLIX marketing. The secret of success is a simple, duplicatable system and leverage. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. 


You thing it is too simple to be true? 


You are right. It is simple, but it is not easy.




Basically, Network Marketing seems to me to be the most fair business system where everyone has same chance to grow and succeed. It doesn’t matter your gender, age, occupation or your background. We all are sharing the same company vision and the same products. We are all paid base on the same compensation plan, and we all have access to the same marketing materials. 


You are the only variable in your business. So stop telling yourself again and again, all the same excuses why you CAN’T and start looking for all of the reasons why YOU CAN!


There is a lot of more on the inside of you than you can imagine. You just need someone who reminds you of your power and uniqueness in the moment of doubts.